Meet our Frozen

by admin on November 18, 2014

We got the newest member of the family, meet our shih tzu/ jack russel dog we named Frozen.


This is supposed to be husbands surprise birthday gift for yani and me. But since i had a hint already i was not surprised at all. But i love the thought. Thank you to husband’s classmate who gave it to us.

One reason why i pray for a bigger home is because currently we have lots of pets at home. We have fishes, love birds, a pair of hamsters, potchi our askal dog and then frozen. Husband would joke around if our little home is a pet shop or a house. #animalLovers



7 Years of Bliss

October 29, 2014

On the eve of our 7th year anniversary, i surprised husband with this simple video i made at flipagram. Uploaded it at instagram and facebook to share to our family and friends. It’s always a bliss to see how husband and i have changed through the years -i mean physically. 8 years of being lovers, […]

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Eight Years Anniv Celebration

September 8, 2014

Spent our 8th yrs lovers anniversary at Ginhawa Spa and Dining. Well aside from the sauna, we enjoyed everything from the massage down to the healthy serving of dinner.

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8th Year Anniversary

July 23, 2014

Now who’s excited for the big day? I am! I hope my husband is also as excited as I am. Now that we’re nearing our 8th year anniversary as a couple I have reserved us a massage and dinner date. Husband said he has other thing in mind and I would like to think that’s […]

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Talking Bout Rings

May 29, 2014

When I lost my wedding ring a couple of years back, I thought it would be silly to get another one without buying husband’s. I am kind of traditional when it comes to wedding ring – it should be gold, it should be a matching one. Oh well, we realize that wedding rings not opt […]

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